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Returnable Canister Policy and Procedures

As a convenience to our customers and a green initiative, NewStar Adhesives will pay the shipping charges to return the used and empty intermediate and jumbo returnable canisters.


For shipping and handling economies, we request that the intermediates be aggregated in groups of 4-9, palletized and shrink wrapped or strapped in place.  The jumbo canisters can be shipped as is, without pallets. 

NewStar Adhesives, Inc. reserves the right to charge back the freight charges to customer if procedures for returning the canisters are not followed.

Process for returning empty canisters

  1. Call, email, or fax empty canister return request form.
    PHONE: 855-497-0700
    FAX: 770-607-3637

  2. Complete the return request form with all information to include # of canisters of each adhesive type and size, the shipping address as well as a contact name, phone number, and fax number.
  3. Within 24 hours of request you will receive the bill of lading to give to the carrier when canisters are picked up. This will be faxed over with a cover sheet showing the name of the carrier.
  4. Newstar will arrange pick up of the canisters with the carrier. The carrier will call the named contact to schedule an appointment for pick up.
  5. As the shipper, you will need to sign and date the bill of lading that we have provided. Please make a copy for your records and give the original copy to the driver.


From all of us here at NewStar Adhesives thank you for your co-operation and we appreciate your business.


Click Here to download Canister Return Form