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EverStrong ES99 – Vacuum Resin Adhesive

Vacuum Resin Adhesive

EverStrong ES99 is a specialty vacuum resin industrial spray adhesive specifically designed for the infusion molding process. EverStrong ES99 is designed to adhere and hold reinforcing fiberglass materials (mats, pads, strips) in place prior to and during resin infusion. Specifically formulated for the infusion process, EverStrong ES99 resin adhesives will not interfere with the polymer matrix integrity and will cross-link with resins to create an integrated matrix.

Key Features

- Specifically Formulated for Infusion Vacuum Molding
- Fast Tack for securing reinforcing materials in mold
- Low Shrinkage during Cure
- Compatible with Infusion resins

Product Usage

EverStrong ES99 is designed to be applied to the reinforcing materials or mold prior to placement. Spray a uniform coat to the surface to be adhered. If heavy mat or pad, apply adhesive to both surfaces about to be joined. Spray an even coat of adhesive with at least 80% to 100% coverage of each surface. Allow to briefly dry until tacky. Place the surfaces together and apply pressure. For best results: Make sure that the surfaces are dry and free from dirt, grease or oil. Ensure that the adhesives and materials are at 60° F or higher. If surfaces are porous, a heavier coat is recommended.


For canisters, do not close the valve after use. Leave the gun and hose connected to the canister. Recommended to store canister off the floor if temperatures below 60°F.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Liquid, clear or blue
Specific Gravity: .74 + .03
Spray Tip: 6501
Spray Pattern: Web Spray
Flammability: Flammable per ASTM E-681-04
Solvent: Hydrocarbons
Shelf Life: 15 months
Freezing: Not damaged by freezing but return to room temp before use.


ES99-0013C(B) 13 oz Aerosol Can
ES99-009C(B) 9 lbs Disposable Canister
ES99-027C(B) 27 lbs Disposable Canister
ES99-140C(B) 140 lbs Returnable Canister
270 lbs Returnable Canister

All available in Clear (C) or Blue (B)

Disclaimer of Warranty

NewStar Adhesives Inc. expressly disclaims all warranties either expressed or implied, including but not limited to merchantability, fitness for particular purpose. User is responsible for determining this product is fit for specific purpose and application method and assumes all risk and liability herewith. Manufacturer liability is limited to replacement of product or reimbursement of purchase cost. This provision relates to all sales and cannot be modified.

See MSDS Data Sheet for Proper Handling and Safety Information