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A: Some adhesive manufacturers regularly change their formulas to reduce costs, to take advantage of raw material deals or simply have poor quality controls.  All of these factors can significantly impact your adhesive’s performance.  At NewStar Adhesives we understand that consistency and dependable performance in open time, spray patterns, bond strength, and cure times are critical to quality work working.  As a result we make our adhesives the same from one batch to the next with NO exceptions.  The NewStar Adhesive Glue Pros guarantee that our adhesives will give you the same excellent strong, dependable performance day in and day out. 

A: The adhesive market has consolidated in the last few years and is now dominated by large corporations.  These companies have taken advantage of their monopolistic positions to leverage higher prices and profits from their adhesives over and above the rate of inflation.  NewStar Adhesives is guided by a different philosophy; we seek to partner with our distributors and their end users to provide the highest quality products, the best service at competitive prices so that everyone in the chain can be profitable.

A: Some large adhesive manufacturers only offer clear adhesive in order to minimize their stocking SKUs and inventory costs.  NewStar Adhesives offers all our adhesives with tint to enable your workers to minimize their adhesive usage and improve your production quality.

A: Some companies do not offer green diamond canister adhesives because of corporate or production limitations within their organizations.  NewStar Adhesives has a full line of adhesives for your every woodworking and laminating needs, including red and green diamond products that meet all regulatory requirements.

A: There are some smaller adhesive suppliers that either have limited financial resources or do not control their manufacturing.  As a result, while some of these companies offer excellent adhesives they are unable to keep their supply chain fully stocked.  While NewStar Adhesives is a well-financed profitable business that not only makes the best, most consistent adhesives in the business but we also maintain fully stocked inventories with the shortest lead times in the industry.

A: Liquids are considered flammable when they have a flash point of 100°F degree. Aerosols are considered flammable if they have a flame projection of 18″ under controlled conditions. A flammable product is usually designated with a red diamond insignia and a non-flammable product is designated with a green diamond insignia. Flammability is determined by the definition below.

A: A list of numerous chemicals was generated initially by the State of California that was considered to be HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutant Substances). HAPS-free products do not contain any chemicals on this list.

A:  It all depends on the end-use application and your regulatory requirements. NewStar offers numerous types of adhesives that are engineered for specific applications as well as specific regulatory restrictions. Our experienced sales team can work with you to identify the best adhesive that meets your application needs, as well as your regulatory requirements and budget.

A: This information is available on our website. Go to “Products” section on our web site, click the product you want, then print either the MSDS or Product Information sheet (both available as PDFs) or contact our Customer Service at 855-497-0700 to have one faxed to you.

A: There are many factors: how you spray, if you want a temporary or permanent bond (1-side vs 2-side application), the porous nature of the substrates, the room conditions in terms of temperature and humidity. In the real world, coverage depends on many variables. There is no one right answer.

A: For best results, we typically recommend at least 80% coverage on each surface to be joined.

A: Canister adhesives do not spray as efficiently when the canister system is much below 50 to 60°F. For best results store your canister adhesives off the floor in areas warmed to 50-60°F temperature.

A: Convenience, portability, and operator ease are key advantages to using the canister application systems. These advantages translate to savings in application efficiency. In addition, canister systems require no capital investment, little to no maintenance and clean up and setup costs are minimal. The combination of labor savings, elimination of maintenance and cleanup costs and no capital investment make canister adhesives an attractive low total cost alternative to traditional roll-on or compressed air applications.